Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment is dependent on income and other factors as determined by the Department of Children and Families Services. 90% of families enrolled in the preschool program attend tuition free. We do reserve 10% of our slots for families who do not meet the income requirements and charge a minimal tuition.

In order to Enroll, families will need to provide the following documents:

  • Parent/Caregivers State ID or Driver’s License
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Medical Insurance Card for child
  • Child’s Immunization Record
  • Two most recent check stubs, (paid bi-weekly/bi-monthly/monthly); Four most recent check stubs (paid weekly), which must be dated within the last 30 days
  • No Income – Must write and sign a letter which states that you have no income
  • Current school schedule or school schedule and check stubs
  • If child has a disability, please provide a copy of the Early Intervention IFSP or CPS IEP
  • If you are a foster parent, a letter from your DCFS caseworker is needed to enroll your foster child.
  • If you receive TANF, you must provide your RASP letter.
  • If your child has physical or dental exam it cannot be (must be dated within 6 months from the enrollment date for children 3 to 5 years of age)

For enrollment questions, please email Alison at abrinson@ahschicago.org. Families can also apply on the Chicago Early Learning Portal and selecting Passages: chicagoearlylearning.org.

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