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March 2019 / Member of the Month


ELL Assistant

LEAF Program

  1. Lana RussellWhy were you interested in returning as a 2nd year AmeriCorps member?
    I was excited to return to the LEAF ESL program because I enjoy the atmosphere at LEAF. The staff is wonderful and the students are inspiring. I was also interested in teaching a different level of English and to gain more experience.
  1. What motivates you as an ESL Instructor?
    The students are my main motivation and I like to try new things in the classroom so the opportunity to be creative is also motivating. 
  1. What’s your favorite thing about living in Chicago?
    I love that you can walk for 10 minutes and find or see something new. Also, the ability to bike everywhere is fun and cheap! 
  1. If you could describe your AmeriCorps experience so far in one word or phrase, what would it be?
    Strengthening. I feel this experience is helping me grow and realize my strengths. It is also strengthening to have supportive supervisors and colleagues. 
  1. What impact do you hope to make in your service?
    Our students have long term goals and their first steps involve English learning and literacy. I hope I can be a positive and supportive resource and guide in their first steps toward long term success. 
  1. What impact do the students you serve have on you?
    It’s wonderful to see students excited to learn. The student’s determination inspires me. Also, the students’ warmth is encouraging.
  1. What’s an AmeriCorps memory that you’ll hold onto?
    I enjoy AmeriCorps team meetings. It’s nice to have a change of pace while being encouraged and supported by team members. 
  1. What are you most proud of over the last few years of service?
    I’m proud and honored to be able to contribute to the LEAF program. 
  1. Where do you see yourself post-AmeriCorps?
    I am in the process of applying to graduate school to teach blind and visually impaired youth in our public schools. I’m thankful for the education award to help me in my next endeavor.

Bonus questions!

  1. If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?
    Physics, but I have a lot of math to catch up on before then… 
  1. Where would you most like to travel to?
    It’s so hard to choose just one place. I think I’d like to take a few continental tours. There’s so much to see in this world! 
  1. Who’s your favorite movie/TV show/book character?
    I dig Samurai Jack. He is resourceful and willing to learn.
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